Amed Snorkling

The location is east part of Bali. The journey from Candidasa takes about 1 hours. On the way we can see rice fields and villages around Amed. In Amed is very good for snorkelling . We can see a lot of coral reefs and many marine life. In Amed the water is clear. We can […]

Tulamben Snorkeling

Snorkelling program to Tulamben we depart form Candidasa about 1 hour. On the way to Tulamben we can see beautiful views such as : rice fields, mount Agung. After arriving in Tulamben, we will immediately do snorkelling from the beach to the sea. There are many things we can see when we do snorkelling, such […]

Blue lagoon Snorkeling

Blue lagoon is near Padang bai harbour. We depart from Candidasa using a snorkelling boat for 20 minutes. On the way we can see flying fish and maybe dolphins. The views is also beautiful in blue lagoon. In blue lagoon they have variety corals reefs and a lot of fish. After first snorkelling we took […]


Manta Point Take the chance and join one of our trips to dive with these calm qiants of the ocean. Enjoy the mantas popilation just one hour speedboat drive from the the Candidasa Bali Dive Center. 2. Cristal Bay Famouse dive site, Thanks to tge qiant sunish  Mola – mola. that can be seen requraly […]

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